Walgreens Pharmacy, Photo, Coupons and Shopping 6.3.1

Perfect for photos and prescriptions


  • Access prescriptions
  • Browse photo orders
  • Easy to use


  • Product search is full of lag


Walgreens' store app is the perfect place for prescriptions and photos.

These are the two services that the store is most known for, and the app focuses a lot on bridging your Walgreens account with the specialized services that it offers. You can access your prescriptions and photos from the app and also order refills or set up a pill reminder.

The app also offers the ability to look at other products, but the implementation in the app is slow and bloated. Each menu has to individually load, and there is a lag between making a category selection and seeing the products offered. Even exiting out to the main menu has the same lag.

Walgreens does offer mobile coupons and a store locator, which is great when searching for local stores. It is a specialized app that adds extra functions, but does not work as smoothly for things beyond prescriptions and photos.

Walgreens is perfect for people familiar with the services offered.



Walgreens Pharmacy, Photo, Coupons and Shopping 6.3.1

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